We build software for the cloud

We create software tools to help startups and growing companies, empowering business by giving instant access to information on any device.

Agile Development

We are proud of our ability to build quality software within time and budget objectives.

Agile methodologies simplify the development process. Thus our projects easily adapt to changes and business needs, achieving results in less time without sacrificing quality of the end product.

Top edge technologies

We are a team of tech hackers. So, whether it's a mobile app, a web app, or and integration service, we will choose to work with the top edge technologies available.

We are experts in Javascript, Node.js, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Go and Redis.

Run on the cloud

All of our solutions are based on the cloud.

We can take care of the operation and availability of your application, so that you don't have to mess with hardware investments, backups and scalability issues.

Real-time predictive apps

In a world of connected objects and people, data can provide organizations with the foundation for every decision.

Our cloud-based SmartData® set of algorithms can help you achieve a deep understanding of your business data.

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